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profile image not changing on mobile/ipad

  • acedezyn



    I have been told by my client that she cannot update/upload profile image on mobile/ipad device.
    Kindly tell me how I can fix this issue. Any help will be much appreciated.



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  • Ann McG


    Did you ever get an answer for this? I’ve got two members with the same problem, and I was also able to recreate it on my own old iPad. When I tried to change the picture from my iPad, the button space for upload a photo that you need to press doesn’t match up with the button. I tapped below and to the right a little, and got the popup to show up. I was able to get to the step to crop, etc.

    Went back in to try again and got an error and wasn’t able to get to that step.

    I really need to get this one resolved before we move out of beta this week!



    Such issue could be theme related…

    Have you tested out with one of WP’s Twenty theme ? Have you tested with another device as “an old iPad” ?
    iPad older as 15 days are anyway banned in year 2017. Use the new method.



    My experience on an iPad with BuddyPress and the change profile photo is as follows:

    Safari (custom theme) – same as above, hard to find the right spot to get the iOS menu to appear
    Chrome (custome theme) – worked perfectly, the touch zone matched the physically drawn button on screen.
    Safari (Twenty theme) – different site, but worked without an issue straight away.

    There is something with some of the themes (I am using one from Template Monster that has this issue, and another from them does not have an issue at all.
    About to see if they can provide a fix for this. It seems odd it’s only a Safari issue, and only on some themes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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