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Profile Sidebars – Urgent

  • surfartculture


    Everything seems to work as fine as possible, but I noticed a problem with BPDEV Widgets : when logged in as a member (no more Site Admin), in Widgets admin, I can see the extras sidebars like Profile Sidebar, Profile page, etc …

    I can add widgets to the Profile Sidebar and save it, but when I go back to my Member Profile, nothing shows up.

    But as Site Admin, if I add widgets in the Profile Sidebar, it works well.

    I noticed that in BPDEV Admin > All Plugins, at BPDEV Widgets menu, Plugin Status is ON whereas Profile Friends is OFF, even if I turn it ON and save settings.

    i need sidebars in profile page working for all member, for this members add their own sidebars,

    PLEASE HELP ME……i need somebody ;|

    using – wordpress 2.9

    buddypress 1.1.3

    thank you verymuch :)

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  • Xevo


    You mean you want to enable users to add widgets to their own profiles?

    Also, with BPDEV do you mean ““?



    Yep, i wanna enable users to add widgets. I´ve tried to create new sidebar on fuction, but doesn´t work, Now i´m tring dde plugins, dont work also. What can I do?



    How I can use the sidebar for members? please…i want to members can add widgets on their own profile on sidebar. Ipm using parent theme. How come i can´t just add sibebar widgets on backend wp menu when i logged with member???? i think is so simple, but i´m trying a lot of things….so sad… me please u reading this :)



    What happens when you try to add a non BPDEV plugin?

    If it’s BPDEV plugin specific, you should probably contact them directly and ask for help.



    if I’m not mistaken, all of the plugins were all in beta and were for older versions of buddypress. That plugin looks like it was created for bp 1.0 and as such probably doesn’t work.

    He had some really nice plugins there and I wish he was still active but I don’t think any of the plugins on there have been updated for the newer versions.

    I’ve marked this as not a support issue as it is an issue with a BuddyPress plugin and not BuddyPress itself.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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