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Profiles are seperate from blogs

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  • Duane Storey


    Hmm, it seems slightly confusing having both blogs and users be subdomains. I realize this might be a limitation with how WPMU works, but it just seems strange having two different usages like that. I almost think it would be better to force the home base to be somewhere else, like or something.

    Same idea here , where Andy linked to this topic :).

    I think we need to discuss more about it.

    We can handle such URL like or simply by customizing the home theme. Instead of using another theme for the home base, let the home theme handle it.

    I hope the other components have enough flexibility to be used in such way.



    My optimal URL structure would be to have the blog and home base on the same subdomain.

    Ex) The user’s home base would be at and the blog would be at with the posts then being assigned a permalink structure like or

    It seems like this is structure is well within the capabilities of WPMU as it is home is naturally opperates and should be possible with some slight modifications, primarily on the template side of thing.



    That means each user can only have a single blog.



    That is actually what I’d prefer and that’s how MySpace works but users could also request more blogs under this system (just as they do now in BuddyPress) as WPMU allows users to be assigned to multiple blogs, I’d just like their first one to be on their username subdomain instead of an entirely different subdomain.


    I think you are dead on with this suggestion. I’ve been trying to do this over the last few days with .htaccess to no avail.

    What I did was created a new user “example” then I created the first blog for the user “example” as “exampleblog”. Once that was created I tried to use mod_rewrite to rewrite the url as /username/bog/. It did work using a redirect flag [R], but it didn’t mask the URL like I wanted to.

    Is it possible to alter rewrite.php or even bp-core-catchuri.php to rewrite the rule like I need it above with utilizing .htaccess to do it?


    I’d be really interested if anyone can work out a way to provide the option to alter the URLs for member home bases.

    I’m no .htaccess guru, but it might be possible to alter it, or the bp-core-catchuri.php file to handle the changes. Hacking the core is definitely not an option though.

    One thing that would need to be considered is how the clean URL system works. Right now it does this: / [component] / [action] / [action_variable] / [action_variable]

    If you modified the URL’s for home bases, you’d have to recalculate which section of the URL the [component] starts at: / members / andy / [component] … etc etc.

    This is all done at the top of bp-core-catchuri.php.


    Duane Storey


    I can try taking a stab at that in a few days. It would be nice if ideally the syntax was the same between all BuddyPress installations (even though some use subdomains for blogs and others use /blog syntax).

    Any suggestions on what the ideal URL syntax would be for all of this?

    /home/andy – home?

    /blogs/andy – all of andy’s blogs?

    /profile/andy – andy’s profile?


    I think it would be cleaner if you placed the username before the component like…





    I agree. Core shouldn’t be touched. I tried to do it in .htaccess, but I think somewhere down the road REQUEST_URI was messing me up.





    This URL structure dedicates all subdirectories of the main site for usernames. We can’t use them for other purposes.

    [post deleted by author]

    @duanestorey Any update?

    This is much needed. It’s a make or break for many of us.

    Without it – profiles are floating (and useless).

    I wish I where a .htaccess guru.


    i have installed Buddypres on my site and its appearing in the first page itself. I would like to have the buddy press in another link and not in the main page. for eg: should show the buddpress stuff and it wont come in other parts of the site. Is it possible to limit the buddpress to show only on the community page?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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