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Project ideas for Google Summer of Code

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    Hi everybody, I\’d like to apply for the Google Summer of Code and contribute in the development of BuddyPress.

    I don\’t know what are the most requested features, and I\’d be happy to hear if someone wants to suggest me something.

    What I\’d suggest is to create a way to communicate different BuddyPress sites\’ users activity streams, so you can see the activity from friends who aren\’t in the same site (but you\’d like to follow).

    Example: John has a user in the site X, and Marie has a user in the site Y.

    Actually, if John reads \”latest activity\”, he will see activity from his friends at site X, but he won\’t be able to read about what Marie is doing because her is on site Y.

    Implementing this, John and Marie would be able to read each other\’s activity.

    Of course there must be some security settings so if you don\’t want your activity to be seen by other people but your friends it remains unreachable. This could be partially solved by using direct communication between sites (something like xml-rpc?) instead of a public \”feed\”.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help!

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    @Enrico Lamperti, continue with your album project and maybe extend Andy’s album with features!



    I hope I can do so :)

    Thanks for your comments!



    Well, bad news for me, but maybe good news for you.

    The bad news is I didn’t made it into the GSoC; but the good news is that there is a proposal by other student that aims to implement photo albums into WordPress, so hopefully we’ll see this working in BuddyPress in the future.

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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