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Put BuddyPress into a page area

  • dom123


    Hey dear BuddyPress community,

    I’ve tried to find the solution on this for a long time, but I cannot find the answer: I’m using BuddyPress on a membership website to give users an additional feature of using the platform. The social BuddyPress aspect is not the main aspect. I have built a profile menu where users can access different things (like forums, learning content, and also the BuddyPress-area). My problem:

    BuddyPress is stylized differently than anything else. When I’m using bbPress for example, I have a shortcode that lets me put the forum overview within any page so I can style the page itself in the same way that all other pages are styled (for example using the same sidebar everywhere)…how do I do this with BuddyPress?

    My favourite solution would be this (or something that generates an equal result):

    Put up a page with a custom sidebar (the same like in all other pages), and putting the whole BuddyPress framework into the content area of the page.

    Can anyone provide a solution to that?

    Thanks a lot in advance, I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

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  • Prashant Singh



    To generate all those sections if you want to use shortcode then there are multiple solutions like:

    Shortcodes for BuddyPress

    BuddyPress Activity Shortcode




    Hello Prashant Singh,

    thanks for your quick reply. With the plugins you mention I can only put single parts on a page (like the activity stream or the members listing), but not the whole content (with the profile picture, the profile header, all the menu tabs etc.). I need to do this so I can design the surrounding with the theme’s settings (such as custom sidebars with background gradient colors etc.) …I guess there is not an easy way to take the whole BuddyPress console and put it within a normal page, but what would be a good workaround for that?

    Prashant Singh


    We already have sidebar for BuddyPress(Members sidebar), you can use your widgets there as well and it will show on buddypress members pages.

    For other solution, you can override buddypress templates and then can call your sidebar in template as well.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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