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Putting users name inline in a URL path?

  • Good in Today


    As an example, I’m using Welcome Pack and it allows for redirecting first time users to a specific URL. I wish to send the user to their in-site e-mail. How do I add the username into the URL? Like…

    In this example what do I put in place for USERNAME to make WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress or whomever the heck is now in control (kinda lost track at the third Press but I’m fairly certain there’s a few HUNDRED Press’s in there somewhere) place the USERNAME in the URL?

    I asked this over at bbPress too and some Key dude said I should come here. Evidently the smart people over there are too good to answer the question.

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  • chisao101


    Wow…no replies, and it’s been a long time. Any chance you found an answer to the username in url question?

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