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Question: Upgrading to most recent development release

  • jvinch


    I installed BuddyPress out of the combo package – all is running well. I’m doing this on a test server so I’d like to do a bit more testing to help the community along. Can anyone tell me how to best go about upgrading frequently to the latest in trunk?

    In addition to downloading files from trunk and copying them over (I got that part), I am assuming the database needs an upgrade whenever I move to a new version as well. Can anyone provide some pointers on how to do this?

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  • chadeverson


    Ditto’s here as well! We need that classic 5 step WPMU! So I know I will not crumble it now that it is finally starting to get Grizzly!

    Burt Adsit


    If the db needs upgrading it will auto do so when you visit the admin backend of wpmu. I don’t know how other keep up to date but I have a local copy of the SVN image of bp, mu and bbpress. I also have a test server running locally and I update that manually from my SVN working copy of all three. I used to just work off the SVN image as my dev server but that got confusing for SVN and me.

    When I’m ready I update the live server. I’m in the process of creating a dev server on the same box as the live server. I did run across this little thing and thought I might try it out:



    Hopefully this will make sense

    I have 4 directories, which I download the svn update to, and then copy them over to the live site:





    By logging into the command line, I can do this

    svn up

    inside each of those 4 folders and it will update them to the newest trunk release. Then I run this command (or similar for buddypress)

    cp -R * ../beta

    and copy the files to the dev server. So far this has worked really well.

    The private dev svn is where I upload my own plugins and themes I’m doing development on. This method is extremely fast as I never have to ftp any files between the internet, my laptop and back up to the web server. It does require command line access and knowledge of svn.

    Hope this helps,




    Thanks! I am not as advanced as SVN yet. I tend to beta my install and try to keep it up and running, it is a rodeo, but with my pay-grade of bagel it is all I can afford. So if I download the working version and ftp it to my server it should update the database when I get into the back-end for the first time? So I don’t have to run the update.php like in wordpress? That is good. Now, on a live install I know it is not a good idea to do this, but I am hoping the updates will stabilize my install. I am having conflicts with bp and wpmu and every other day something with apache or the conflict is taking my site down. So with no real formal training but self taught persistence, we are getting grizzly with this great product. Loving it, just have not tamed the bull yet.

    thanks for help! I can’t wait until wpmu 2.7 is here, any dates yet for a release?





    Major issue, not sure if you modified the code, or what happened, but the admin option under groups shows up for site visitors even without logging in. As you will realize pretty quickly, someone, namely I, was able to edit the group without even an account.

    Would be best to get the newest version of the group code, and check to see if you made any changes to it?


    I know svn is complex, but do your self the favor, between now and when buddypress launches, and learn it. The hours it will save you from doing ftping up files will be worth it in the long run. The first time you roll back to a previous version, and don’t have to “unedit” dozens or hundreds of lines of php code you will be glad you learned how to use it.




    its not posting

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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