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Questions about media, profile photos, cover image.

  • psnation


    Can someone explain where the profile photos and cover images are stored? Can these be viewed in media? In order to moderate I must view each profile. Is there an option to edit these pictures? Basically, I’m looking to be able to view all uploaded media to be sure it complies with Google Adsense.

    My site:
    Current BP Version 2.81
    Rtmedia plugin

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  • mrjarbenne


    You’ll need FTP access for that probably. These items are not stored in the Media Library. Avatars are stored in wp-content/uploads/avatars. RTmedia probably stores items in another directory in uploads (I’m not familiar with that plugin).

    If you just need to ghost a few offensive users, perhaps a plugin like this, which allows you to impersonate the user, might help:

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