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Rackspace Hosting

  • jf_trumpet


    I have been developing a site for the past 9 months and have been going back and forth with my host company, Rackspace. I’m using their Cloud Sites plan, which is $150/mo….for shared.

    My developers and I have been pinging the site and 80-90% of the load times (often 30s for the dev site) are just waiting to connect to the server.

    I contacted them to see what is going on and they tried selling me on a VPS type plan that starts at $1,150/mo. They call it Managed Cloud.

    My site is WP(3.6.7) and BP with some plugins. It needs to be scalable to grow quickly as I’m planning for a large amount of users. However, there is nobody currently on the site (still in development) and the load time is an issue.

    My question is this: what are other BP developers experience with Rackspace? I’m looking to switch because what I am paying for and the run-a-round I am getting from them is not good business.


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  • @mercime




    Hi there,

    I work for Rackspace and would love to here more about your experiences using our Cloud Sites product. The “run-around” is certainly not what you should expect from us, and our goal is not to gouge or upsell you to our most robust service offering that would be clearly overkill for your business needs. Instead, we hope to guide you into a niche offering that allows you to effectively run your business, let us worry about the ping/power/pipe/infrastructure, and get all this done within your budget.

    That said, we would like to get some information from you so that we can dig into your issues a bit further to verify if there might be a backend problem causing latency in accessing your site. At your earliest convenience, please email your Rackspace account number, domain name, tickets numbers, and any other pertinent information to and we’ll have our Ops team investigate this on a more granular scale.

    If it is determined that Cloud Sites truly is not the best fit for your need, we hope that you might consider our Deployments product: <— Automated WP deployments on a Cloud Server; A cloud server is a VPS that resides in a multi-tenant environment, but unlike Cloud Sites, you have full SSH and console access to the VPS.

    Additionally, if you’d like to give our Cloud Servers a whirl for free, please visit and sign up for a new Cloud account and test them out.

    We’re 100% here to help, and we hope you give us the opportunity to do so.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for your time!

    Andy Pape
    Rackspace Hosting



    That is astonishingly expensive. You can find excellent non-shared hosting solutions for less than half that price. I suggest you head over to webhostingtalk forums and see the offers and also requesting quotes.

    Your best option is to start with a host that you can grow with. Paying for rackspace when you don’t have the usage to justify $150/month is not logical.





    That sounds disappointing, were you satisfied with the $150/mo plan? If not then you seems you are not getting the right stuff then they offered you the highest plan but you haven’t experienced good on the basic? How comes that you need to upgrade where the idea of basic aspects is not event met.. I better get other provider if that is the case.,

    “@, visit URL to know more”

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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