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Random Wish/Idea for Buddypress

  • valuser


    That the front-end “Add Media” functionality of the p2 Theme to be ported to the Buddypress activity core.

    Is there a possibility ?

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  • @mercime


    @valuser better to post this in BP Trac. Not sure that this would be added to core though. It’d be up to the devs. Just curious, BP Activity Plus plugin is not working for you?



    Yes BP Activity Plus works well. Thanks. (sorted a recent hiccup – it was just a silly mistake by me!)

    Possible other options include rtMedia and previously there was buddypics.

    Communication, now, with photos/video etc is just exploding-its now just a huge part of online social interaction.

    While i am truly appreciative of the countless developers and whole open-source eco-system that produces the plugins – sometimes developers, even commercial developers, move on to something else and the particular plugin does not get upgraded or does but months later.

    Technically also as BP Activity Plus puts uploads into its own bpfb folder the links will not persist if the plugin is deactivated.

    For niche functionality perhaps this is not so important but for a major functionality like say photo uploads my two cents is that it might be worthwhile for buddypress (as social interaction is its core) to have it built in. Its just to future proof it.

    Am not talking about 1.82 but say aim for after 1.90

    The p2 theme which i suspect the core devs might use quite a bit is a reasonable functioning template

    (However, all this could be hugely difficult with Buddypress – I just haven’t a clue )

    If it was in my hands (now i really am getting way above myself here) I would add “Add Media” and Map/Location (my p2 example – at

    Anyway I will put something up on the trac.

    While i’m here – thank you @mercime for the huge lots of help in this forum and the wp forum over the years.



    I personally think a media option should’ve been in the core since the start. All the plugins that have been made are cool and all, but most of them are really big and bloaty or are premium.

    A simple media option in buddypress which can be added upon by plugins would be a much better way to go in my personal opinion.



    Previous link in 2nd last post should have read:

    I would add “Add Media” and Map/Location (my p2 example – at user: test password: test

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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