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re-word ‘what’s new’

  • hi all,

    I need to change this: ‘what’s new’.. as it has absolutely nothing in common with what I’m trying to achieve with my buddypress persona.

    does anyone know how I could change/re-word this myself without too much headache lol

    thanks in advance guys

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  • aces


    You could try the technique mentioned here

    but you are probably better off creating your own custom language file as described in:

    thanks for the reply. but my god what a pain in the arse lol

    these edits are not very ‘user friendly’ are they, everything’s so long and drawn out

    One would imagine that editing two words in a website would not involve studying for a phd in brain-surgery , changing, languages?, re-wording everything else but whats originally intended? why do I have to go to such lengths to change 2 words ?

    I don’t know anything about code and all of these tips and hints are doing nothing but flying way over my head.

    the last time I had a go at using some code in my site it went ape-do do, so unless someone explains to me where to put these things i’m all out of luck I guess

    Hey are you using child theme? if yes, thats very simple, go to Your site/wp-admin/theme/your current theme/post-form.php

    and look out for whats new ? and edit it accordingly.

    If it’s your site and you have access to the relevant files then change the strings at the file level, it’s not strictly the way to do it but you have a point and editing a language file for one word is a PITA.

    Running all text strings through the internationalisation functions means that the site is flexible and that alternate languages can be dropped into place via one file.

    @pinhit You have effectively asked this question twice, please try and keep to one thread .

    You can try to edit the translation file (.MO). That can be more convenient if you plan to customize many of the strings and terms used by buddypress (such “Friend”, “Group”, “activity”, etc)

    @naijaping.. child theme? i dunno
    im using buddypress default if thats what you mean

    @hnla yes it’s my site, and sorry for double post, where do i go to change the relevant files in cpanel ?

    @odiseo i really only wanna change those two words ‘what’s new’ and ‘site activity’ here:

    @kenny, its better you create a child theme as when you upgrade the default theme which you are currently using, you will loose most of your customization.

    see my site :

    i created that child theme and i have changed whats new to my liking




    You should be able to follow this tutorial.

    really guys all I wanna do is change those two words ‘what’s new’
    @hnla, if you would let me know where I go to make the edit at file level I’ll get the job done and can put it to bed ;)

    sorry, had to bump this up coz i need some help
    and my last post is growing cobwebs lol

    the answer to what file was provided earlier in this thread:

    the file you need to edit lives in either the bp-themes folder within the buddypress plugin /bp-themes/bp-default/activity/post-form.php or in a child theme where the structure should be /wp-content//themes/your-theme-name/activity/post-form.php and as has been advised you ought to make edits only on copies of these files in a child theme.

    look for lines ~29 & 31 `printf( __( “What’s new in %s, %s?”…`

    many thanks @hnla
    your a star ;)

    sorted !!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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