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Recomend Buddypress/bbpress plugins with low CPU usage

  • LeafyGrove


    Trying to setup a social website direct towards a specific fandom (broad target includes rule 34) and using the best free webhost that will allow adult content (zokahost) but it has a cpu,ram, and daily hit limit, for free accounts anyway. And was wondering if anyone had a recommended list of buddypress/bbpress plugins that won’t eat up my daily cpu limit. I want to offer chatrooms, messenger style communication, forums, logging in with FB and receiving reply notifications from the forum on FB. Rewards for posting, groups, a group restricted forum (for adult, VIP’s, etc) and hopefully if any plugin exists out there that would allow me to restrict certain pages to a specific buddypress groups, that would be awesome (no luck thus far finding on, doesn’t look like one exists so far).

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