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Red/Green light feature on bbpress

  • nig3d


    can I have the red/green light feature like you have here in the default bbpress used by buddypress?

    If not, should I request this feature?

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  • r-a-y


    The red light / green light thing you see here is a bbPress plugin called Support Forum:

    If you’re using an external bbPress install, check out that plugin.

    Will probably not work off the bat in BP 1.1+ without some modification.



    thanks for the answer!

    I use the internal one, do I need then to install an external one to use the plugin?

    Even though, I use the forum only through the buddypress groups, will be the support forum visualization enabled under buddypress group forums?

    Thank you very much.

    To use bbPress plugins, you need a seperate bbPress install, not the integrated sort installed by BuddyPress.



    cool, that something I didn’t know, but still, I can’t understand what the reason is. Why is the standalone version somehow different than separate one, since even the php files look the same?

    Same question, why can’t I access to the admin panel?

    Just to know if there is a specific reason.

    And just to be sure, once I install the external version, and I integrate it in buddypress, will buddypress show the bbpress plugin including the support forum one? Because I don’t have any intention to let the users access to the general forum anyway, it must work like it works with buddypress, that is accessing only through the groups.



    so I guess that what DJPaul meant is that the bbpress plugins can’t be used in anycase inside buddypress.

    I’d like to have something similar the support forum though, does it mean that buddypress will be NEVER compatible with the bbpress plugin?

    If I want to do something similar, do I have to write something on my own that works appositely for buddypress?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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