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redirect loop when posting new forum topic within groups

  • tchburn


    Ok, bit of a weird one that I’ve found the cause of but no solution….

    Wordpress 3.6
    buddypress 1.81
    bbpress 2.3.2

    bbpress works perfectly on /forum/, but if I add forums to groups the forums display then a) posting a new topic or b) clicking to view a topic from *within* a group causes a redirect loop.

    Posting to the same forum from within the main bbpress /forum/ url works fine no problems.

    After much problem solving it looks to be causes by my permalink structure of /%category%/%postname%/ – if I disable this then posting/reading forums from within groups works fine.

    Is there any solution other than changing permalink structure?

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  • tchburn


    🙁 no-one else had this?

    I’ve got it pinned to the /%category%/%postname%/ permalinks but I’ve been going to long to change that to just /%postname%/



    Good day!
    Replaced bbpress links to Cyrillic.
    As a result, when you add a post has received a page with a redirect (see picture). When you refresh the page posts are added.
    It turns out the problem was not in the server, and not in the subject, and in the plugin bbpress.
    It does not support Cyrillic (!!!) (links are empty), and incorrectly generated link to the start of the topic.
    In the settings bbpress had to change all references to the Latin fonts back (before I translated them in Cyrillic, so it was nice and clear for the user, because I’m in Russia).

    The result: everything works and no redirect, throws on the right.

    Developer bbpress: please note this problem, need to adjust the plug-in.


    Добрый день!
    Сменил ссылки bbpress на кириллицу.
    В итоге при добавлении поста получил страницу с редиректом (смотрите картинку). При обновлении страницы посты добавляются.
    Оказывается проблема была не в сервере, и не в теме, а в плагине bbpress.
    Он не поддерживает кириллицу (!!!) (ссылки становятся пустыми), а также неправильно генерируется ссылка на созданную тему.
    В настройках bbpress пришлось менять все ссылки на латинницу обратно (до этого я их переводил в кириллицу, чтоб было красиво и понятно для пользователя, ведь я в России).

    В итоге: всё работает и редиректа нет, перекидывает на тему правильно.

    Для разработчиков bbpress: просьба учесть данную проблему, необходима корректировка плагина.

    С уважением,



    Thank you Denis! Let me confirm this issue with better explanation in English.

    If bbPress forum slugs are in cyrillic, following is happening while replying on some topic:

    Let’s say I have set “тема” instead of “topic” and my new topic’s title is “Тема на русском” (“Topic in russian”). This topic’s url looks likeтема/тема-на-русском/ and shows up just fine. Now let’s post a reply.

    After hitting the “Reply” button an answer hash is being added just for a moment, following by redirect to the topic URL but already without “тема” in it. It gets stuck with a redirect loop onтема-на-русском/

    After manual reloadтема/тема-на-русском/ shows the answer on its place.

    Thank you.

    2Denis: поменять на английский можно, но ведь темы генерируются на русском, да еще и обрезаются до 40 символов. Винегрет, а есть другой способ?



    After some research found this:
    Looks like a temporary solution with zero-cyrillic-usage

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