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Redirect to “Tutorial” page after new user registration

  • Chris


    I have created a tutorial page on how to use the site once users register, and would like the new user to be redirected to this tutorial page automatically once they sign up. I only need them to be redirected the first time they signup/login, after that they will be taken to the home page. I have searched for plugins but haven’t had much luck.

    Any help would greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  • r-a-y


    You could try putting your tutorial content in the /registration/activate.php template.

    Because if the user activates their account, that will technically be the first time they are ready to explore your site. This will only be shown after the user activates their account and they will never see this again.

    That should probably work for your needs.

    CJ Kruger


    Welcome pack has this sort of functionality – first time a user logs in you can direct them to a specified page



    Hey this does not work though cause they have to log in first … I am looking for a way to after they finish sign up they get redirected to a page to tell them they must check there email this is a thing I see happen again and again and people do not figure it out … Not sure why there is no code or config option to send them to band instruction page … I do tech support for a large fortune 500 comp and my main job for each day is just helping people log in to our services … we as developers already figure on it but general public they do not understand … I have welcome pack up and running and cannot find a way to do this without coding …. if I have to then I have to LOL homestly I guess it is not to hard to find where to make the template … I have done less and less coding over the last few years due to easy plugins and quick installation made simple code or just full on apps that do it for me … I guess getting my hands dirty will not hurt but hey I need a nap first been up all night finishing up my sites … Please if there is a feature already ?? where ?



    Maybe I am getting plain lazy LOL but I thought tere was something like this … its been a year since I installed buddy press last so maybe i am missing it

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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