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Register Does Nothing

  • Hi,

    I’ve Installed BP on my site and configured my template with the BP Theme pack, everything looks good however when a user tries to register from the sign up link–the page simply refreshes and does not create the new user. I’ve filled out all the fields correctly and have gone up and down through the options…any help is appreciated

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  • What is the result if you drop back to the default BP theme and try or for that matter plain WP

    I am having the same problem!
    When I go to /wp-register.php
    the page simply redirects to the homepage.

    Well that doesn’t sound like exactly the same problem really. It’s considered bad form to post on the back of another’s thread as it simply confuses the thread when trying to reply to two or more different sets of issues even if apparently related.

    Both of you will need to provide some detail on your installations

    On the default theme it takes me to the wordpress register page which works fine–On the custom theme it generates a register page with the theme that craps out

    Anonymous User 907751


    I’m also experiencing the same issue with wp-register.php displaying blank page. If anyone can post the correct thread for this that would be very helpful.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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