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Register form refresh; broken?

  • Thomaat


    Version WP: 3.8.1
    Version BP: 1.9.2
    Installation: Local, using MAMP
    Other plugins installed: none

    I’ve been struggling with this for days now and can’t seem to find anyone with the same problem. In short:

    When I try to register at the frontend of the buddy press setup the page simply refreshes after submitting the form. No error/success message, no email, no new account.

    What I’ve tried to make sure before posting:
    – No third party plugins is interfering with BuddyPress or WordPress; it is clean install
    – Part of it being a clean install is that the theme Twenty Fourteen is enabled. Tried it as well with Twenty Twelve; no success.
    – I read another post saying that it could be a case of uppercase letters in the directory name, not in my case: all paths are lowercase
    – obviously anyone can register is enabled. Even tried it two ways: enabled before installing BP and installing BP before enabling
    – Email is working. Created an account on the backend and enabled ‘send password by email’. Received it just fine.

    I really can’t think of anything else to fix the problem, which is frustrating because it’s kind of a vital element of BP. Anyone out there who got any ideas?

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  • fantasticant


    I am getting this same issue, have been through the same checks as above too.

    At a crucial stage in the providing of a free service to teachers in the UK I cannot take registrations.

    I have a back up service with blogvault and went back to the last day when someone was successfully registered – and it still has this error.

    Anyone with any suggestions please?


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