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  • DamnDramaQueen


    Hi BP,

    This is very strange? The register page where people input their profile fields information.

    All these LABELS such as username, gender, city, country are find.

    However, the Birthday drop-down selection day/month/year is fine…. But the BIRTHDAY(AGE) Label doesn’t show(gone,invisible)?

    Can I get help how to bring the BIRTHDAY label to show?

    Please advise, thanks

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  • Is your site public? Link to it.



    Hi Paul,

    The site it still under construction. If there’s no issues by this Aug-20? The site will go live or sooner?

    Once it go live? I will reply on this back on this post for you to review the invisible BIRTHDAY Label?

    Meanwhile, thanks much for your help.

    @damndramaqueen Can you take a screenshot?

    Are you testing this with Firefox? If so, try another browser. Let me know.



    Hi Paul,

    I tested on IE, and FF, both do not show the BIRTHDAY label.. Freaky, other labels are fine?

    Here is a screenshot in RED. Freaky?

    Missing Birthday Label

    Please help, Thanks

    Ah, what’s the profile field type for that? Is it a date field type or a “Birthday” field type?

    Are you using the plugin ?



    Hi Paul,

    The field is for BIRTHDAY.

    From the admin where the Users (menu), click the PROFILE FIELDS to create just like any other fields. just this particular label is not showing but every label are all good? Freaky Freaky!

    I try not to use extra plugin which I already using 30. Is there’s some kind of file that I can go download and overwrite it?

    Please advise, thanks



    have you done this ?

    – create a new field
    – enter Birthday as title
    – give a description
    – Under Type section, select date selector
    – save

    When you’re on a profile’s edit page, you should see
    – title
    – date selector (day, mounth, year)
    – This field can be seen by:….
    – the field description

    If you highlight the whole and check his source code, you would see something like:

    <fieldset class="datebox">
    	<div class="input-options datebox-selects">		
    		<label for="field_xx_day" class="bp-screen-reader-text">Select day</label>
    		<select id="field_xx_day" name="field_xx_day">
    			<option value="">----</option>
    		<label for="field_xx_month" class="bp-screen-reader-text">Select month</label>
    		<select id="field_xx_month" name="field_xx_month">
    			<option value="">----</option>
    		<label for="field_xx_year" class="bp-screen-reader-text">Select year</label>
    		<select id="field_xx_year" name="field_xx_year">
    			<option value="">----</option>

    If you can read this code but don’t see it’s ouput on your theme, you have to find which CSS rule is handling the labels.

    Could be a simple contrast issue or something omitted somewhere.
    To get sure of this, try first with one of Twenty’s theme.

    And if possible, answer the questions you already received from Paul and give some details about your install: used theme and plugins at least.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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