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Register page not working URGENT help needed

  • mikewelsh


    WP 3.6 BP 1.8.1

    This used to work a few months ago but a couple of BP upgrades and it is not now working properly.

    All the menu items work OK apart from the register page. I assigned the register menu to a Google form so that I could vet people to try and keep out some of the spammers. I then email them a link to 2013signup which is the page linked to BP Register.

    Now that URL, just shows a blank page.

    I have 500 blogs and increasing. I am desperate to get this fixed. Quite happy to pay if someone legit can fix this. I am inexperienced in WP so please explain simply if you want me to change php files etc.

    Many thanks, Mike.

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  • mikewelsh


    Please can someone help with this, or at least put me in touch with a developer I can contact to pay to fix this?

    Two more points:

    I am using theme rt_tachyon_wp. In its wp-content folder in rt_tachyon_wp there is a folder called buddypress_off. Inside are folders: activity, forums, groups, members. Should there be any more?

    In the buddypress folder in default them is a registration folder and inside that is a register.php and activate.php

    This has been updated to WP 3.6 and BP 1.8.1

    Can I switch themes on my live site without breaking it to see if it is a theme and then switch back afterwards?

    Please help. Thanks, Mike.



    Well I fixed it myself by changing themes. Would have been nice if someone out there could have suggested that to me so I did not waste so many days.

    If you lurk first and read as many threads as possible and also the sticky how to get help post then likely you would have seen us state this over and over again, changing a theme is one of the first things to try along with disabling any plugins that might be an issue. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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