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  • Happypaint


    register Page is not displayed.

    Login page is displayed.

    Therefore unable to register new

    BuddyPress version>svn


    I can not be English.

    sorry in strange words

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  • Not sure why, but your register page is showing as: when it should be:

    It does work if you hit:

    Not sure if it was the translation that screwed up your URL. Never saw that before. Anyone else have anything to add?


    Burt Adsit


    bp is trapping the /register component like it should in functions.php. There is a fn called bp_show_register_page() that looks for that value and starts the registration process. I tried just entering any arbitrary text instead of /register and it gets me to what I think is a 404 page. So /register is getting detected.

    Looking for why it’s getting redirected.

    Code looks ok. Works for me. Got me what’s going on Trent.

    John James Jacoby


    My guess is a directory setting thinks that the BuddyPress install is located in “” so it tries to hit “”. But something also is weird with the blog, because it looks like clicking on “Blog” takes us to a page, that isn’t a blog. Can you still have your blog be a static page with BuddyPress and MU? I suppose you could eh? Neat!

    Strangely, I can type “” directly into the browser and get there just fine, sans any sidebars of course.

    I’ve never tried to access that file directly, are you supposed to be able to do that? Ha!

    I’m curious what his functions.php looks like…






    Thanks for the comment!!

    Because I am poor at English, as for me, it is not answered properly, but does my best.

    I had not done it, but accessed “wp-signup.php” so far.

    I was able to access a screen of the new registration as it was said.

    I try to do my best a little more



    Mine does the same thing… I was thinking it might be because my buddypress is not in the root, it is at /community/ or because my blog is at /blog/ …. changing my blog to /blog/ did require me to get creative because came up with a blank page but if I went to it worked ok….. not sure if this helps or is even related…



    ・Have not yet resolved.

    ・WordPress MU Version 2.7 because of the?

    ・Can not send a message to a friend.

    ・Continue to try to understand why



    my wpmu/buddypress is on the root, but my registration page returns 404 as well. However if I manually type wp-signup.php, then it shows the page just fine.



    if you are using your own theme, you are out of luck!

    There are many, many many. post on this topic.

    When you use your own theme, you will need to copy the register.php to your theme directory.

    If you do so.. you we always get.. the login page.

    If you are not copy the register.php to your theme directory, it will default to wp-signup.php.

    it works fine, however, because it does not use buddypress-language file your site will have mix of English and your mother tounge language.

    The best work around I come up with is… do not copy the register.php.

    Translate the WPMU language into your language.

    I believe, this is logged for bug fix.



    omg 2 hours ago was working, but now it gets 404…



    I found the conflict… somewhat qtranslate was enabled on the root…

    You can use qtranslate on the sub, but don’t use it on the root as it conflicts somehow with the registration.



    This is to answer the original question:

    I can tell you exactly what this is…

    You are missing the information from the functions.php file in the latest trunk of buddypress-home. You are most likely using a functions.php from your own custom theme, which creates the redirect above.

    Without that data the registration and activation won’t work.



    @Socialpreneur: So how do you currently handle multi-language posts on your front page of your main blog? Or do you use it differently?

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