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Registration and Activate not working

  • apr0424


    PLEASE HELP!! I Installed buddypress. Unfortunately registration and activate are not working: The pages where to it directs do not present the registration or activate page: Instead it gives: Not Found.

    I tried: using different themes, deleting and re-installing the theme, stopping all othter plugins. Nothing works.

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  • Hi,

    You should:
    – check the WordPress settings allowes account to be created (Anyone can register checkbox needs to be active) See:
    – check your permalink settings are using one of the pretty permalink options (not plain), see this documentation page
    – check the activate and register actions are associated with a public WordPress page. You can find some inputs about it from this documentation page :

    NB: the registration and activation pages are only displayed to users who are not logged in, so if you try to visit these being logged in you’ll be redirected to home page. To test the pages, log out first 😉



    Mathieu, Thanks, unfortunately i did this already without succes. I hope you have more suggestions.



    I have had the fantastic Buddypress working perfectly for a year on a folder install of WP (not multisite) like;

    But I discovered for the last week people are no longer able to register (it just returns you to /register page). I disabled ALL plugins did not fix /register – HOWEVER disabling Buddypress plugin (and all other plugins) does allow registration on plain WordPress. I tried registering on Buddypress on different browsers / different PCs / using 20-19 theme etc but nothing fixes it.

    Q: does anyone have any suggestion as why /register may have stopped or how to fix?

    ps – I have Settings > Anyone can register [x] on and permalinks set to Post name

    Thank you in advance.



    UPDATE (semi-fixed) – I turned off ALL fields under Profile Fields > Signup Fields except default First Name and now signup worked again. So I guess its a process of elimination to see which signup field has some wrong setting. Hope that helps someone out there.

    Context Canada


    Thank you for the Permalink setting info. I was just about to blowup an site install and start from scratch but it was the Permalink setting that was the problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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