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Registration by invite to the site gives points on BadgeOS

  • tisor



    I’m using Buddypress for a LMS with Learndash.

    As part of our platform, we want to make the BadgeOS Points important in order to get access to some content. Gamification they called.

    I have spent already hours testing all the invitations plugins I have found, including others like Affiliates, but I cannot find what my boss is asking me.

    This is the workflow I need to implement:

    • A user sends an invitation to someone to register to the site (something like
    • The new user registers from that link and activate account
    • The user who send the invitation, the “referer”, get X points on BadgeOS for getting a new member registered in our platform
    • The user who registered with the invitation also get some points for using the referer code

    Is there any actual implementation for this, someone has got any success on something similar? Or do I have to create a complete new plugin for this? (I’m a PHP Developer but have never developed nothing for WordPress)


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