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Registration email not sending in French with WPML translation

  • Marc



    The registration email works just fine in English. The site is translated with WPML, the WPML settings say that BuddyPress Emails should be translated. I went to Emails -> All Emails and translated the “Activate Your Account” email, leaving the exact same formatting as the original one.

    Now when a new user registers on the French site, it says to check for an email to activate but the email never gets sent. Even if I go in the back-end and resend the email I get no error message but the message doesn’t get sent.

    What did I miss?


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  • What plugins do you have active?

    Does your site send WordPress emails reliably? (i.e. password resets, comment notifications)

    @imath has never reported with emails not sending from his French language WordPress sites, so I am assuming this is a server configuration problem – or incompatibility with something WPML is doing – rather than it being down to some character within the email string.



    Thanks Paul. I spent a few hours tweaking every possible WPML setting and somehow it works now.
    Because of the labour intensive testing process, I didn’t nail exactly what setting made it work.



    Hi @arbolife any chance you even vaguely remember what you did to get new user activation email being sent out when using WPML + BuddyPress? Like you, everything works 100% correctly on the ‘English’ side when new users register, requests membership for a private BP group, logs-in, etc – BUT if a user registers on the french registration page (fr/register/) they never get any emails (I they are foever listed as “pending” in the user area). I’ve also noticed that no emails (outgoing) get triggered if an existing user switches to the /fr/ side & tries to join a private BuddyPress group. Trying to access the /fr/wp-login.php page (or the password reset) from the /fr/ side will also trigger a 404 page. So, like you mentioned, it’s a setting “somewhere” in WPML to resolve these (many) anomalies, but for whatever reason, I can’t see to find the resolution!

    My test setup:

    WP: 3.7.4
    BP: 2.8.2
    WPML: 3.7.0
    BuddyPress WPML Plugin:




    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry I don’t remember, but keep in mind that wp-login and the password reset function of WordPress doesn’t get translated by WPML. The only way around is to use another login and password reset mechanism (that is compatible with WPML), most premium themes have that and certain plugins have it as well.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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