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registration fails after signup newsletter

  • jordas


    Hi developers of this really great plugin,

    I have a problem with a site that was made for a client. The site has a newsletter that you can sign up for, it uses the gravity mailchimp addon to do all that. It works fine but here’s the problem. You can also sign up for the newsletter seperately. Once you have already signed up for the newsletter, the registration breaks when you try to sign up for buddypress. Probably because it gets confused because of the mailchimp settings have already been passed. But we really need to have the option to to let our visitors do either or both.

    The users can be registered by hand, but those are the ones that mail us it is going wrong, we are really afraid a great deal of potential members are lost because of this.

    Is this a known problem?

    with kind regards

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  • bp-help


    I would ask the 3rd party plugins you mentioned on their support forum as they would probably have more insight on the issue you are having. Good luck!

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