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Registration Field from Database

  • lbellipanni


    Hello everyone, i would like to create a field in my registration form in wich user can choose from all the university of the world.I know that i have to find an xml or csv file but i don’t know how to insert in my registration form. Thank you

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  • Venutius


    Possibly the best way of doing this would be to create a custom xprofile field type that encompasses your universities as a drop down list. There used to be the perfect template for you on github – a BuddyPress Xprofile Country Picker – all youd really need to do is swap out the countries for universities. However, I can’t find it, but a deeper search might find it somewhere.

    One option is to let the users enter the site details themselves using however that’s probably not ideal for you.

    You could use one of the existing Xprofile field types as a template for what you want to do. There’s a number of Xprofile Custom field type plugins around, a quick search in the plugins directory and you will find them, find on that provides a drop down list and fork that. This way you let BP do most of the work for you.




    Thnak you very much, i saw that plugin and it could be ok for me. Anyway i don’t really know how to do the “swap” from country to University. If you or someone else can write an exsmple snippet, i’ll aprreciate it

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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