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Registration Form Error Message

  • RetroTorque



    Please could someone tell me where to find the file needed to edit the following BP registration form error message (this seems to have changed since the 1.9 update):

    “Only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers are allowed.”

    I’ve found that most users find this message confusing when the problem relates to a space being included in the username.

    I’d like to change it to something like:

    “Only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers are allowed. Also, the username must not include any spaces.”


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  • RetroTorque


    PS I’m not sure what the standard BP default behaviour is anymore for spaces in usernames entered during registration. I’ve some custom coding which throws up an error if a spaces/spaces are included – hence the need for an error message which points this out to the user.



    Hi, I also want the same thing.. plz help..



    I got the answer here , I did tried searching POT file and editing it but that did not work…




    please don’t jump into old post !

    You want to modifify this phrase:

    Registering for this site is easy. Just fill in the fields below, and we’ll get a new account set up for you in no time. who sit on the register page.

    The string is in bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/members/register.php line 22
    and in the pot file of bp 2.0.2 at line 1236.

    The pot file is a working copy for translators, not the file to modify to get any customization.
    To do this you have to use poEdit, or a similar software.
    poEdit only read the pot file, then he create a po file on the fly and when you save this po file, poEdit generate a mo file.

    This is a compiled file, not human readable, who is used by the gettext php module to translate the strings he find in the buddypress code.

    Pot files are provided by the plugin authors. It’s a simple text format file with a specific syntax.
    The po file is also a text format file, but written differently, as it contains the original string in english AND the translation of this string in a foreign language.
    And the mo file is the system file who have to use on the server.

    register.php is a template file, so if you have to change only this phrase, you can make a copy and paste it into your child-theme and modify the wording directly in the file. Not orthodox, but it works.

    If you have other question about translation or wordings, feel free to open your own topic, give your bp version, theme name and used language on the installation.

    Topic closed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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