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Registration on Homepage

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  • Tammie Lister


    Hi, it all depends on what you want to do really there are a number of ways you can have registration on the fornt end:

    1. Customisation to load the register.php contents there (done in theme files) – literally have the form there in the page.
    Or perhaps…
    2. Something like this:

    I’m not clear though if you are looking to put the entire form or just some fields.



    I am looking to put the entire form on the home page … thanks



    so if i copy and paste the entire content of register.php into my homepage file it should work ?

    Tammie Lister


    Ok, well as I assumed you didn’t want to go the show on page front (settings>reading) and want to include the registration page and also other content. There are 2 approaches.

    1. Simply show on front and add content to registration page.. If that’s the case under settings > reading you can set to registration (or whatever your registration page is called). You can then add your extra content if want to right there on the page and even format that as you want your homepage to be.

    2. Port the form code and registation page contents into your theme index.php. So, what you’d look at registration/register.php (in bp-default theme). That will show you the registration format and you can just port that into your home page. You will want to clean this all up though when you do and remove the content divs and other things that won’t fit your theme.

    If you’re not happy coding though that ajax registration may be the way for you to go.



    ok great the second option sounds the best…
    thanks for giving a breakdown of how to approach the issue…

    appreciate you helping me in this issue…thanks again




    As karmatosed suggested, porting the code is the important and tricky part.
    You need to ensure the logic of the code in register.php remains intact, as all the bp_get_current_signup_step() statements are the key to what ‘page’ of stuff is displayed.

    You will need to fit into your logic on the custom page you do, code for if the user is logged on, and code for first time visitors who may need some basic info before they just sign up.

    Good luck




    Hey VeeBee and karmatosed
    Just to update – I made a page template and copied and pasted the contents from register.php into the template file, nothing showed up, then i changed put this on top of the template file:
    global $bp;

    as mentioned here
    and the form shows up but the profile field with Name does not, and after inputing data into the fields that do show up and hitting Complete Sign Up just redirects me to the same page.
    Here is the page :

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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