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Registration Page is Blank

  • twistyfarmy


    I have run this website ( for several years using the Genesis framework (v. 2.2.6), a custom child theme, BuddyPress (v. 2.4.3), and bbPress (2.5.8). Everything had been working great until recently (not sure when, was notified of the problem a couple days ago).

    The Registration page appears, but there is NO content. I have tried the following:

    • Turning off all plugins and turning them on one-by one. Even when they are all off, the content still does not appear
    • Yes, I have accessed this from a browser where I am not logged in
    • Deactivated my theme and activated the base Genesis theme
    • Deactivated my theme and activated Twenty Thirteen

    The Registration content DOES appear when I activate the Genesis base theme and Twenty Thirteen, so I know it is something with my theme. But it was something that was working until recently.

    I really have no idea where to look! Why would this be working until recently? Could an upgrade have broken something/be incompatible with my child theme’s code and BuddyPress? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

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  • calvinorenda


    Just a suggestion.

    Have you tried removing register.php (please save a copy before removing) file from your theme (so that it will revert back to the original register.php in buddypress? Or replace the file with the original register.php file from buddypress in your child theme?

    (register.php can be found in your theme buddypress/members folder)

    If it shows the regi form than you will need to recheck and recode the register.php file.

    The best solution may still be to contact your theme developer to check on this issue since you can confirm it is a theme issue.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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