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  • I’ve read a more final version of BuddyPress will be released in late January. Will this version include some of the common things discussed on this forum?:

    – privacy and the ability to have a main intro/landing page (no member info or activity shown) with a login

    – photo galleries (and YouTube videos?)

    – forums (common and/or group specific)

    – invite system

    Is there somewhere to see what features will be included in the upcoming release?


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  • Anyone?

    Burt Adsit


    You’ll have to talk to Andy about the 1.0+ feature set. AFAK this is the feature set for 1.0.

    Sorry, what’s AFAK? (I mean besides “Armed Forces Assistance to Korea”)



    @bluocean wait 1 day i’ll release bpdev-youtube tomorrow



    1. you could create your one specific intro page with login/pass/reg only form and make this page as home in options of wp mu. i think.

    2. there is flickr plugin live allready (hope gallery will be added lately to host photos inside BP too)

    3. you can use phpbb or other forums insteed. i think it’s even better )

    4. i think there is invite system live in BP, but i didn’t use it by now )

    Your first point sounds interesting, gerbilo… Can you explain a bit more about it. Because I really need a possibility to make a different page “home” than the BP-Home…


    AFAK aka AFAIK usually means “as far as I know”. Forums are already in the 1.0 release, but none of the original posters other points. They area actually all being addressed by plugins with the exception of internal photo galleries which are coming after the 1.0 release. There is flickr plugin on though as well as Youtube. The invite system is there, but not finished yet.

    Trent, is there a possibility to have another page as homepage as BP-Home, but still be able to point to the BP-Home (for me that doesn’t work with simple adding a home.php file, because then I can’t point to index.php anymore… :-(

    Thanks already!

    Giovanni Caputo


    For invite system you can use my plug-in: InviteFriends.

    It is available on buddypress-it or buddypressDev

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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