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Remove header images

  • steigw


    I’m using WP 4.6 and BP 2.6.2 The theme I’m using (nisarg) has an image at the top of every page. I’m trying to set things up so that once people are logged in, the buddy press specific pages and other pages that would be visible only to signed in people, wouldn’t have that image on them. Does anyone know of a plug in that would remove it or a way to disable it for select page(s)?

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  • Since it’s theme specific, your best choice is to create a child theme and override that template part when you don’t want to see the image. (There are lots of conditional you can use, like is_buddypress() which returns true on a BP page.)

    It’s extremely unlikely that there will be a plugin that changes one aspect of a specific theme.

    Child themes:

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