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Remove the WP admin bar from non logged users? (WPMU)

  • angrywarrior


    Remove the WP admin bar from non logged users?
    I been googling about this but so far I could not find sensible solution to his issue of mine.

    So I changed my mind sometime ago and switched from just having BP activated in a single site in my WPMU system to “network activate” BP instead. but that is NOT the issue. The issue I have with it is that now the d%&#m WP bar is displayed all over the WPMU ecosystem, (except for the actual Buddypress social site).

    My wish to on all the websites (except the buddypress social site, where is doesn’t show up):
    1.) The wp bar (or buddy bar if you like to call it that) should not be displayed for non logged users
    2.) Logged users, admins and super admins should see the bar
    3.) I do NOT wish to use yet another plugin, which bog down the system further as all plugins gives a performance hit on the system. I wish to use the actual code instead, which is much better. So the correct solution is to use the correct code I guess in all themes functions.php file.

    How can this be accomplished?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion that can direct me towards the solution on this topic!
    Kind regards

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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