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removing the left column of bp-social

  • hkcharlie


    I am trying to remove the left column (or both is ok) of the bp-social theme for the group creation process.

    During the group creation process the file “create.php” is called, (to launch the create group form within the existing theme.)
    I want to change the theme to not use three columns during this process.

    I tried to make a template and call this template in create.php, but it appears that the columns are called in the header.

    So as I understnad it, my create.php has to call the header, and the header is (I think) calling “member-left.php”.
    (This is the over all theme design of the left column.)
    I tried to setup my create.php to call the “header-noleft.php”

    which excludes the call in the header to “member-left.php” ?

    this just seems to have made a bigger mess.

    (maybe there’s a totally different way of doing this?)

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  • @mercime


    @hkcharlie bp-social theme is a premium theme and we’re not privy to the template intracacies of that theme without purchasing one. You should be able to get free support for the paid theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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