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Reporting Bugs (And If You Want To Fix Them)

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  • buddyin


    bug bug bug ?

    themes not working for other registered users as wordpress mu do no user theme no name on and url on page its look like work well with only one admin user and his group but if some one want to make own them and blogs and even like this no other than home page and plugin only working !!! what if any one want to open website like me for everyone who want to register his own blogin and grouping page

    buddyin, this thread is not the proper place to discuss bugs; this thread is to discuss how to report bugs. Please make a new thread and provide info as per

    Something I noticed is in BP, the preinstalled date drop downs dont work correctly. For example, in the users extended profile field, it says “Date of birth” and the user selects 8/15/1991. it displays on the profile as 7/14/1990.

    Something i figured i should pass along and hope for a fix

    Thank you!


    But check first that it isn’t an issue already reported and ticket raised to avoid duplicate tickets.

    Reporting issues in this thread will largely get overlooked, issues must be reported on the trac system

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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