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REQUEST Photo Albums (Plugin)

  • Cristiano


    • All file types accepted

    As the admin, you can choose to allow users to upload files of any type (such as mp3, zip, etc.). This can be limited by the filename extension as well as the actual MIME type. This effectively allows you to use the album feature as a file sharing feature if you wish.

    • Automatic thumbnails

    Thumbnails for common image file types are generated on the fly and stored on the server. Custom icons for non-image files can be specified.

    • Multiple albums per user

    You, the admin, can specify how many albums each user is allowed to have.

    • Storage space limit per user

    You, the admin, can specify how much disk space to give each user.

    • File size and dimensions limit

    You, the admin, can specify the maximum file size and dimensions (for images) allowed.

    • Automatic image resizing

    If an uploaded image’s dimensions are larger than the limit you have set, the image will be automatically sized down (for most image file types). Images keep their aspect ratio after resizing.

    • Custom CSS styles

    If allowed, users can insert their own custom CSS styles to give their albums a more personalized look.

    • Browse friends’ albums

    Users can browse their friends’ recently updated albums. This encourages content sharing and user interactivity.

    • Comments

    If allowed, users can post comments on each other’s photos and files. Comments can be moderated by the person that received the comment. Users can receive notifications by email when they receive new comments.

    • Multiple simultaneous uploads

    Users can upload several files from their desktop at once.

    • Album privacy

    If allowed, users can select from several privacy levels when managing their albums. This limits who can view their albums. You, the admin, can decide what privacy options are available to your users.

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  • Kevin Ryman


    Wow, this is what I need too! Thank you for posting this request!

    There is a plugin called NextGen – you should check that out



    Have a look at the “About” Page and scroll down, as you can see Photo Albums will be part of future buddypress releases..



    If we use NextGen for time being before Buddypress to release the album plugin, we need to make sure that it can be easily imported into new photo album plugin instead redo the captions, etc for each albums. I hope it will be not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Let’s incorporate NextGen or SlideshowPro to make our lives easier :)

    Mike Pratt


    I’d add image tagging a la facebook. That has the biggest engagement value I have seen thus far



    Sure we should offer FB and others to be able to view from our own blog site. WPBook or other plugins arent that friendly with WPMU yet.



    We need to remember that photo albums can be for blogs, groups and users. I’d like one that works for all but for now there should be several choices if you just want one for your blogs.

    I tried NetxGEN but my host uses Safe Mode which means that I can’t use it.

    Kevin Ryman


    I’m already using NetxGEN in a different blog. I really would love an alternative to that. Don’t get me wrong, NetxGEN is a great plugin but I want to use a more simple yet professional approach. Thanks for your suggestions in advance! :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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