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Required Profile Field _ Terms Of Service

  • dannydlb


    Current WordPress & BuddyPress versions. Using BuddyBoss Theme

    Everything was working fine for weeks, but now users cannot register for the site. I did some testing and found the issue.
    In Users>Profile Fields, I have a custom field for a User Agreement. If I set this field to “required” (like it should be) and the new registering user checks the box, it reloads the page and defaults to “Registering for this site is easy…”

    If I set this set this profile field to “not required”, (user does not check the checkbox), the registration process works fine.

    Should I just use a plugin for these custom profile fields?? I am missing out on a lot of registrations…

    Here are the settings I am currently using for the profile fields in question which are preventing user registration.

    Title: User Agreement
    Description: By checking this box you agree to our terms and have read our User Agreement
    Read our User Agreement

    Field type: checkboxes
    Option: I agree ( default value: unchecked )

    Visibility: just-me with option: enforce visibility

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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