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Reserve future usernames

  • thirstcard


    I have decided to enable root profiles. Eg

    The problem I have is when someone registers a username which conflicts with a page name. For example, if someone registers the username “about” or “contact” this makes my contact and about page disappear.

    Is there a way to reserve certain usernames so that site visitors cannot register them? I’d like to reserve “about”, “contact”, “privacy”, “terms” and so on.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    BP should be taking care of that. What version are you running.



    Hi Paul

    Running the latest version, just installed a few days ago.

    BP takes care of it by displaying the user profile instead of the “page”. Pages seem to have the lowest priority you see so anything that has the same name as a “page” will be displayed in front of the “page”.

    I just need to be able to stop users being able to register a username which is the same as any of my existing pages. This will stop any conflicts from occurring and ensure that my pages are always displayed.



    Hi again Paul,

    I noticed that you’re not able to sign up with usernames such as “activity”, “groups” or “members”. It seems like BuddyPress stops users from being able to do this to stop any conflicts. I’d pretty much only need to add “about”, “login”, “terms” and “contact” to the list of ‘outlawed’ usernames as these are the only pages I need on my site right now.

    Hope you can help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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