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[Resolved] Resetting a has_members query

  • aaclayton


    Hey BP community,

    I built myself a handy little “Who’s Online” widget that displays the number of current active members and displays up to 10 names of current browsers in my footer.

    The only issue I have with it is on any page that already uses a bp_has_members() loop, the arguments of the main loop override my Who’s Online listing, causing it to repeat the same list of users.

    I know with a WordPress posts loop I can use wp_reset_query() to destroy any existing queries to use multiple loops on a page. Is there a buddypress equivalent function for has_members()?


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  • danbpfr



    sorry to ask that, but why don’t you use the built in BP widget Who’s online ?
    for inspiration, see how it is built in bp-core-widget.php:124
    You can also use bp-skeleton to built your own widget on a proper maner.



    I had built some functionality into my widget which the stock BP who’s online didn’t incorporate. My code is actually pretty similar to the stock widgets in bp-core-widget, but yet I run into this issue where any other has_members query contaminates the contents of my widget. There must be some trick that I’m missing to initiate a has_members query that resets any pre-existing query…

    @aaclayton any luck figuring this out?



    Hey @jimmmy, I had forgotten about this issue. My new theme design only uses the has_members query once per page, as I had moved the “who’s online widget” on my site to a sidebar that is not displayed on other directories with members loops.

    I’m not certain if this is still an issue or not, but one thing I suppose you could try is saving the contents of $members_template to a temporary placeholder variable before issuing your custom has_members query. Once you’ve run the loop on your secondary query you could restore the original contents of $members_template.

    @aaclayton Thanks for responding! I will give that a go, but i think it’s beyond my skill level. I was hoping i could pop in something like bp_reset and everything would be cool…


    In case anyone is having the same problem, the solution i came up with was to make a plugin using the buddypress members widget core code, as @danbpfr suggested. That widget was not breaking things, so once i had a plugin version i was able to add some of the extra things that were in my original loop.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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