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[Resolved] BuddyPress On All My Blogs?

  • Ok, I have a BuddyPress Group Forums installation. I got all my other issues figured out and everything is running great. The Group Forums option apparently uses the internal database instead of bbPress 2.0 with custom “forum” and “replies” post types etc. Which I guess I don’t need. The reason I went with Group Forums internal database option is because my current theme Mingle is not compatible with the Site-Wide forum option (which uses bbPress 2.0 and custom post types).

    That said, I still can’t figure out (after BuddyPress has been installed on the main root blog site) how to get it to work on a sub-blog (sub domain) site within my multisite network. How is this done? In order to associate BuddyPress’ pages, I have to go to my main network admin dashboard and click on BuddyPress page settings, but these pages are only associated with my main (root domain) blog site, and there are no options for any sub-blog (sub-domain) sites.
    Would someone mind filling me in on how I use BuddyPress on my sub-blog sites within my network?

    There has just got to be a way to do this. Why else would BuddyPress have required a multisite installation for so long? I’m confused.

    Thanks so much!

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  • @mercime


    Allow BuddyPress to function on multiple blogs of a WPMU installation, not just on one root blog:
    `define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );`

    Note that there’s only one instance of BuddyPress for a whole multisite install. So if you enable multiblog, what shows up in is the same that shows up in e.g.

    Yeah I know. I found this same solution last night (stayed up till 2am). Is there another method of separating the member areas? Or simply use your own links and so on to make sure that people can’t “slip over” to the other blog’s member area?




    You’d want to check out BuddyPress Multisite –

    OK, there is a plugin called Network+ that actually allows you to have multiple multisite networks within the main multisite network. Each of these sub networks could have its own BuddyPress network on it, essentially creating multiple BuddyPress social networks.

    There is some configuration needed to a certain file plus the plugin setup and install and it seems just a tad complicated (although by the look of it, I could certainly manage it and I will try this if all else fails).

    But my other question was, would another method of achieving what I want be to simply keep the one BuddyPress social network (without the above nested sub-network solution) and then somehow hide certain BuddyPress groups on my sub-blogs so that only the people who signed up through that particular blog would only see the groups I wanted them to see for that particular blog.

    Does that make sense?

    In other words, let’s say I have my main root site A with BP installed. I also have sub-site B and sub-site C, which obviously share the same BP network as site A. I then create three BP groups associated with my sites called group A, group B, and group C. Now normally, regardless of whether a user signed up through site A, B, or C, they would all see groups A, B, and C on their groups page after logging in.

    But what if there was a way to simply hide them? For example, if user John Smith had originally signed up through site B, then John Smith would only see group B on his groups page (because I hid groups A and C from him).

    Is this possible? Granted, it’s not a true separation, but if no one is never presented with a link to “cross over” to another site’s group, then would that method work?

    Never mind, I figured out how to do this correctly. For anyone else that finds this thread and is interested here ya go (everything laid out):

    Full Instructions:


    Install Networks+ or WP Multi Network

    Then install BP Multi Network – Upload bp-multi-network.php to /wp-content/mu-plugins



    • Create your second WP network with Networks+ / WP Multi Network
    • Activate BP on the sub network and go through the installation wizard
    • For forums you need to tweak your bb-config.php a bit (this only applies to those using the BP Group Forums option)



    Thanks for posting back here. I’m sure it will help others who would like to go this route.

    Marking this as resolved then ;-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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