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[Resolved] Change group avatar size

  • hi Buddypress Community,

    I’m interested in changing the size of the group avatar and potentially the user profile avatar in my community. The same square dimensions is fine, I just want it to show up larger without loosing resolution.

    Is there a simple way to do this?

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  • shanebp


    courtesy of modemlooper:
    You can add code to a functions file or add a file bp-custom.php to the wp-content/plugins folder to change image sizes

    Avatar specific settings can be changed:
    define ( ‘BP_AVATAR_THUMB_WIDTH’, 50 );
    define ( ‘BP_AVATAR_THUMB_HEIGHT’, 50 );
    define ( ‘BP_AVATAR_FULL_WIDTH’, 150 );
    define ( ‘BP_AVATAR_FULL_HEIGHT’, 150 );

    [ A simple google search shows a lot of results for this ]

    Thank you @shanebp! Cheers : )

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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