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[Resolved] Link to current user profile ”My Profile”

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  • Add to “nav”; is this.. a WordPress Menu? Something custom implemented in your theme? Hardcoded HTML in your template?

    And which Dashboard link, where?

    I was not referring to a specific nav, sorry for that confusion. I simply meant being able to place a generic link somewhere in the site, like a menu or sidebar, to bring the user to their profile.

    I had been referring to the Dashboard link that appears with the stock login widget. I currently have it set to go to the homepage (users blocked from wp-admin pages by S2), but wanted it to go to the logged-in users profile (basically I am hoping to have links that would have gone to ‘/wp-admin/profile’ go to ‘/members/**current logged in member username**’)

    Thanks for the reply Paul



    That code will send the user to their profile.
    You do not need to put any other piece of php code..
    you do need to link it to a herf..
    (eg `<a href="”>My Profile`)

    Thanks yadigit… I am having some trouble getting the link to display–when I place it in the html part of the visual editor the link will not appear on the page/post

    copy/pasted the code straight <a href="”>My Profile out of your post, but it gets altered when I update the page.

    Scratch that, dropped it in the widgets.php in place of the dashboard link and it is perfect!!! Thanks for the help, been search for a long time for that



    Hi, I’m a bit of a novice so if someone could explain this a little further it would be very much appreciated.

    I’d simply like to add a link to my custom menu to a logged in users profile page. Does anyone know exactly what I need to do to achieve this?

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    Same as mrguythornton, I still don’t know how @ktrusak resolved the issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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