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[Resolved] Reinstall of wordpress has messed up buddy press

  • Hi im baffelled by my problem and csnt seem to solve it so im looking for some help maybe someone has come across this before maybe a bug or im probably being dumb,

    Hes whats happened,

    So ive had to do a server clean up and reinstalled linux etc, so ive reinstalled wordpress using my backups db and site backups, to begin with i kept getting 404 errors but this was because of the permalinks, so i enabled the mod rewrite in apache to solve this so i think this isnt causing my issue, as now when i click on the groups tab it shows the groups etc, however when i clcik on the forums section its saying theres no topics when clearly there is the db seems to be intact as its showing the info in the groups as i said but im getting lots of 404 errors when clicking the topic in the groups, im get a reasonable amount of traffic daily so i need to get this sorted the kind google bot today told me im getting lots of errors lol, heres the site to take a look at

    regards Treb

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  • danbpfr


    Is your new DB the same version as your backup ?
    If reinstalled linux, you probably also reinstalled php and perhaps a new apache engine too ?
    First thing to do in such a brand new server reinstall is to test the server itself .

    Did you ?

    Its a newer version yes well the old db was on debian lenny the new one is debian squeeze, i have tested the server it appears to be working fine, ill test your theory ill use another server with the backups and old version, thanks for the point of view i hadnt thought of that :)

    Sorted the problem it wasnt to do with the upgrade rather to do with the configuration of the bb-config file i didnt know there was a seperate config file for contacting the database i would have thought the wp-config file should suffice for db connection, i had changed some details in the database name and user which i was aware of hence i made the changes in wp-config, i was about to scrap the whole lot and start again when i noticed the bp-config just saved bout 8 hours of work woop woop.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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