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[Resolved] S2 Member – Trying to restrict view of group content to levels

  • dinny lansdowne


    Hello, I have a new community site. Just pre-launch. There are free, Silver and Gold Levels. I just realized that anyone can look around in the groups – members and non-members.
    This is a huge problem because people will be talking about their challenges and want privacy. If I make the groups private, members would have to apply to each group in their level instead of having access.

    I am looking for a solution such as:
    1. leave the Group graphic and description but hide the content and have a line that says “Group restricted. You must be a to Silver (or Gold) member to join this group. And button to go to the sign-up page. Private groups do this.
    or 2. Have a ‘log in or sign up’ box pop up if anyone who is not logged in (and subscribed at the right level) tries to access the groups
    or 3. A better solution.

    I am not a programmer and would really appreciate any feedback, working code or a plugin that works. Thank you.

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  • Bowe


    This is really easy with S2Member. Go to your S2Member settings in your admin and then General Options > URI Restrictions.

    The next step would be to block the sections you want to protect based on membership level. If you would like to keep the group homepage visible, you could do this:

    URIs That Require Level #1 Or Higher:
    /groups (if you want to block all access to groups)

    You can also protect certain templates (like the post form or a join group button for example) by using S2Member conditionals. For instance:

    Some content for Members who are logged in with an s2Member Level >= 1.

    Some public content.

    It’s a great and extremely powerful plugin! Good luck :) Be sure to check out the S2Member APi/Scripting section in the plugin settings to learn (a lot) more.

    PS: Shameless plug: I’ve created a BuddyPress Theme with S2Member Integration as well.. Read more about it here:

    dinny lansdowne


    Hi Bowe,
    Thank you sooo much! We did block the viewing capability which is fabulous!
    Your site looks really valuable. Once our site is up and running I’ll be sure to let you know.
    Thanks again!



    Glad it worked out :-)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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