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[Resolved] Setting up BuddyPress / bbPress with my theme…

  • I’ve seen others with this issue, but never with a real solution. I’ve installed BuddyPress successfully via the wizard as well as a site-wide forums setup. But when I went to http://mysite/forums it keeps reverting back to the home page.

    So I went to Settings > Forums to check out the bbPress settings and saw that under Archive Slugs, the Forums Base was set to Forums and had a conflict message beside it saying it conflicted with BuddyPress’ Forums page.

    So I tried creating a new page called Discussions and in the BuddyPress > Pages area set the Discussion Forums page to my new Discussions page. Then when visiting http://mysite/discussions I see a static empty page.

    So far the only way I can get this to work somewhat is to place the bbPress shortcode

    on the Discussions page to get the forum to show up. I would prefer to have it simply work the way it was originally intended though.

    Just to document, I’ve tried the following combinations:

    1. BP forums page set to WP Forums page / bbPress slug set to Discussions = redirect issue

    2. BP forums page set to WP Discussions page / bbPress slug set to Forums = blank forums page (no forums on the page)

    3. BP forums page set to WP Forums page / bbPress option “Prefix your forum area with the Forum Base slug (Recommended)” UNCHECKED = redirect issue

    4. As well as other combinations I can’t remember, but in all cases I either get a blank static page or a redirect. I just can’t get this to work like it’s supposed to unless i use the shortcode. BUT using the shorcode method, it’s as if BuddyPress Forums (bbPress) is not connected to my theme’s (Mingle) buddypress.css file to get the cool styling of Mingle’s CSS for buddypress. Plus I get the weird template file error when going to my theme options and layouts:

    “Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress.”

    Any thoughts?

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  • Also, the reason I say it’s not connecting to my theme’s buddypress css styles is because if you look at my current forum page (only available by use of the bbPress shortcode) here:

    And then look at what it’s supposed to look like with my BuddyPress theme (Mingle):

    There you go. Something is definitely up.



    They look different because you’re looking at 2 different instances of bbPress. You’ve installed the Sitewide Forums (aka bbPress 2.0+, the plugin) while that Mingle theme shows the Group Forums (aka internal bbPress). See

    So what your saying is that only the group forums works correctly with Mingle in the way Mingle intended? So in that case, how do uninstall site wide forums and switch to group forums? Also, it says the bbPress plugin is installed, but why do I not see the bbpress folder in my plugins folder in FTP? I’ve reconnected several times and it’s just NOT there… what the heck?

    Ok I found out that Mingle theme is not compatible with site wide forums. they use internal (database driven) group forums. So could someone please please, pretty please tell me how to switch now?

    Also, one other question is, since BuddyPress is supposed to be a network wide feature, how come it didn’t generate buddypress pages for all my other sub-blog / sub-sites? How do I get buddypress to work on those? I red how to “move” buddypress to a secondary blog, but I don’t want to “move” it, i simply want to use it on all my blog/ sites in my multisite network.


    Nevermind, I just uninstalled bbPress 2.0, installed group forums and all is good. It now looks the way it is supposed to. Since the Mingle doesn’t yet support bbPress fully with site wide forums, i’ll just stick to this.

    Thanks anyone who posted or tried to help me.



    Marking this as resolved then :-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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