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[RESOLVED] wordpress blog comments not appearing in buddypress activity stream

  • rcain


    I am using latest WordPress V 3.3.1 and Buddypress V 1.5.4 – (most plugins disabled, for test).

    Since ‘new posts’ display in activity stream i was also expecting ‘new comments’ on wordpress posts also to appear – in fact i require this.

    Is it normal for post comments not to appear, or is there something i must change?

    (i find some info on the web regarding custom post types in activity streams, but not normal wordpress comments. i have set all available wordpress and buddypress settings to appropriate values – but no change).

    can anyone help me out here?


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  • rcain


    ps. having scanned though the buddypress source code i’ve just found a clue to what the problem maybe:

    file: bp-blogs-function.php

    function: bp_blogs_record_comment

    – takes a parameter ‘is_approved’ – if it is false, then blog comments are NOT added to BP activity stream.

    this suggests that WP comments are ONLY recorded in BP activity stream IFF comments are wide open and ‘automatically approved’/’do not require approval’. If on the other hand, comments are set as ‘requiring admin/moderator approval’ (as they most usually will be), then they will NOT EVER be posted to BP activity stream

    this seems to be confirmed by the appearance of a NEW function on the forthcoming BP 1.6. The new function is:


    – and its purpose seems to be to enable WP comments status to appear on BP activity stream WHEN/IFF admin/moderator approves them.

    please could someone confirm this is the case?

    is there any workaround for BP V 1.5.4?

    many thanks



    OK – I’ve found the answer.

    please ignore my first suggestion above.

    the solution is to either:

    a) wordpress, admin, settings, privacy (site visibility) – allow search engines to index this site – must be set


    b) include the following filter in my plugin (or themes functions.php file):

    function scl_bp_is_blog_public($is_blog_public) {
    return true;

    i chose the second method for my purposes.

    note: BP seems to make very confusing/ambiguous use of the wordpress ‘blog_public’ option – in the file functions referred to in my first post above, it makes an explicit test of this option, and if not set to public then disables posts or comments from appearing as items in the activity stream.

    i note that issues around this factor were raised as a ticket a year or so back and this mechanism was provided as some sort of solution (to exactly what problem i am uncertain – though luckily a filter was provided).

    personally, i cant see the point of it – surely a BP option to specifically allow/disallow wordpress post and comment activities would have been far better – after all, what has WP search engine visibility got to do with BP activity streams – i have no idea! (perhaps someone could enlighten me).

    meanwhile, I am considering raising a new/reopening a ticket on this (since the situation appears unchanged in the new BP 1.6 code).

    be interested in others views.

    hope this helps someone.

    Scott Seitz


    Thanks so much for documenting this rcain. I’m set up in a local server development environment (obviously not advertising to search engines) and was trying to figure out why the WP comments were not showing up in the BP activity stream! You just saved me a lot of time!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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