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Respond to forum posts by email

  • robcwright


    I’ve gotten pretty spoiled with 37Signals Basecamp and its ability to respond to posts via email. When someone posts a message in Basecamp, an email notification is sent to all the appropriate users just like in Buddypress. However, the email has a reply-to email address that is generated specifically for that message thread. Thus, when someone hits reply to the email, their message is then sent back to Basecamp and the message thread is updated. It makes it very easy to respond to messages and doesn’t require someone to have to go to the site to respond. I’ve looked for plugins that have similar functionality, but haven’t found any. Has anyone seen a plugin that has similar functionality to this?

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  • techguy

    @crashutah has been steadily building some of these features for blogs. However, they have yet to release any sort of plugin to be able to do this. I have a feeling it’s because it would require a fair amount of server configuration that most people wouldn’t know how or be able to do. I’ve seen people ask for them to release it, so maybe they will some day. If they do, then we’ll probably see a lot of things built on this like the forum reply as you describe. However, I haven’t seen anything else that does this in the WordPress world either.

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