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Restrict FREE members to viewing only ?

  • boblebad



    I’m trying to figure out how make my site viewable only to FREE members, their level is set via Paid Memberships Pro, they don’t pay at first, they can check out the site and see it first.

    It is a meeting/dating site, and i’m using Sweet Date theme 2.6 on WordPress 3.9, BP 1.9.2, can’t at the moment update to 2.0, cause there’s some issues regarding the Sweet Date theme, they’ll be fixed in a couple of days.

    I’m new to Buddypress, so please bear with me 🙂

    What i need to do is this:

    No public or private messaging.
    No be-friending.
    No commenting on the activity stream/wall on the profile.
    No commenting/creating in forums, not closed/private, they must be able to view them.
    No commenting on photo or video (haven’t set those two up yet)

    I found this piece of code that restrict private messaging, but it just redirects:

    How i would like the first two things to work out, is when clicked upon, a message pops up or folds down somewhere on the page telling that this is not possible, they need to upgrade, and a link should be shown.

    All the best

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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