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Reverse Facebook linking – block friends

  • Mirror Spirits


    I have never seen anything like this anywhere, but one feature I’d really love on all social networking sites would be the ability to block my existing friends from even seeing me there. Mass blocking of some description, by other social networks, google address book whatever. “If I know you, I don’t want to know you!” Of course, with a whitelist option, I don’t hate ALL my friends. 😉

    On social media, you are so obligated to like everyone, and when one goes off Facebook and the beaten track, I want to make NEW friends, not drag the stale old crowd that I’m stuck with everywhere I go behind me. PLEASE help!

    If you’re good, please design a universal blocking app to protect you from people you want to call “former friends” on all social media sites. Social Tie Cutter. You’re welcome to the name, just tell me when it’s there. :p I need new friends, badly. 😉

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  • shanebp


    Just create a different user for yourself and your new friends, different email etc.
    If you want such an app created, this is not the place to ask for it.

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