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RtMedia Export script attachments api

  • djsteveb


    I hope someone will come up with a way to scan database data created by RtMedia (and the ancient bp-album – lol) – and create a new set of tables that will include the new bp-attachments info and be able to create relationships with “image location” type- attached to – “group” – “user” etc.

    and find a way to bring this data to media press or photo album plus or something else, or bp natively.

    RtMedia is failing lately – which means BP is failing to provide basic usage for end users (again).

    Android uploads have not worked in weeks. (and several other posted issues at their ghosttown, er “community support forums” (now user to user – no dev help without premium payments)- So there is no support with them. They seem focused on selling outrageously priced add on modules and dealing with support issues for the wpengine thing or something (could be that new wordpress update putting everything in a pickle) – but hey – live sites are failing to work properly, and media uploads and sharing were expected to be standard things with basic social networking more than a decade ago.

    There’s more than 20 mentions of media issues and BP in the 2015 survey
    – unless someone comes up with a good way to hand off the needed data for more flexibility with buddypress / wordpress plugins, I think this may become the final nail in the coffin for this bp thing.

    Considering trying the media press plugin, and the photo album plus plugin – but can’t deactivate (that overbloated wasteful POS rtmedia; or previous activity and attachments and albums will fail (I think)) – Had this same problem back when bp-album support vanished…

    bp media problems de ja vu –

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  • Henry Wright


    There has been some talk recently by the core devs about providing media uploads and management. See this tweet. Nothing has been built yet.



    @henrywright – thanks for the heads up.

    I would rather pay a bp dev $300 to make something that works and provides the attachments data needed for things to be extended rather than pay rtmedia 300 to continue over-bloating that joke of a script that we all are kind of stuck with.

    So if someone wants to build it and can do it for $300 I will donate today.

    Of course anyone starting a BP site today has the option to use media press or WP Photo Album Plus – which I have more faith in these days – but seeing how there has been nothing in the core it’s like BP is hostage to 3rd party fails.

    I’d love to see some core thing built with basic functions and the bp-attachments stuff and give others a better base to work with, then it would not be so painful if a media enhancement plugin was to go my the way side – we should still have ways to display previously saved / attached media if we had to axe the possible lightobx / gallery addons.

    (axing rtmedia right now would basically mean scrapping years of user posts / data – going back to the same issue with had when bp-album withered up) – would be nice to have something core – even if not released in current core – but coming soon like the rest api – that people could be comfortable building with / upon.

    NOw wondering if something better was made, and there was no reasonable way to export rtmedia info to be merged with a newer media display mechanism.. and if we added a new component to handle uploads, then we’d need an extra addon to prevent the rtmedia upload buttons from appearing everywhere (in order to discourage people from using that) – but then it would still need to be running to keep old stuff showing – and with all the extra bloat – cramming pages with tons of inline code – pulling in bootstrap and fontawesome and all this crap for now reason.. oh the horror – we need an export / importer.. maybe if someone makes a solid BP component someone else can figure out how to connect some fields and make an export/ import thing that will connect.

    /random thoughts / rant off

    Just worried that this is really the achilles heel in bp – we can’t go through this loss of media again

    Henry Wright


    The reason the BP Attachment API was built was to avoid these problems. It provides a solid foundation for developers to build upon. The API is kind of new (introduced in 2.3), so it’s just waiting for developers to grab hold of it and build things like galleries and albums. One plugin I know that is under development is @modemlooper’s BP Media.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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