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rtMedia lightbox issue – BuddyPress activity stream

  • TheSpecialKick


    I am using the Enigma Premium Theme. I installed the plugin BuddyPress and the rtMedia plugin so that the users are able to upload media. The rtMedia plugin has the lightbox feature, it displays the media in “Facebook Style”. This lightbox doesn’t work correctly when you open the media via the BuddyPress activity stream, but when you open the media via the media tab, it works perfectly. Then I changed the theme to TwentySixteen and all worked fine.
    Then I asked the rtMedia plugin developers and they said it is a theme issue, so I asked my theme developers, they said it is a BuddyPress issue… Now I am here ;(

    Any solutions for this problem? I would be very very thankful! 🙂

    Click the media in the activity stream and you will see the issue:
    Click the media in the media section and you will see how it should look:

    Thank you! 🙂
    Best Regards,

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