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RumbleTalk on BuddyPress profiles

  • dwaynelb


    “I’m developing a social network platform on wordpress using buddypress and would like to add rumbletalk to individual profile pages and allow members to independently charge fees on their own”

    RumbleTalk recently replied with “The short answer is yes.
    You can create chat per profile, you will need to set those users as admins so they will charge a fee for their users.”

    My follow up question was “How do we set this up ? Please do you have any instructions for this ?”

    The next reply is as followed,

    “It really depends on how you want to set it up.
    If you want the payments to be sent directly to their PayPal account, without going through you, you’ll need to create an account for each profile.
    I would suggest doing so manually, and once you have enough traffic and profits, you can automate the mechanism using our API.
    You will need a developer to use our API”

    I hired a developer that’s not familiar with RumbleTalk but she successfully installed BuddyPress but she’s a little lost on how to proceed on integrating the above instructions.

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  • metalhead505


    I use the rtlk api but not the payment system.

    Do you use the login sdk? It makes the api easy for me to use. If you’re hiring devs, show them the login sdk example file.

    I use a plugin called Woody Ad Snippets with the ode from the sdk example file, edited for my own needs. The sdk file shows you how to properly make all the api calls.

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